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GOP Politicians: “While We’re At It, Ban The Fugees”

After more than a dozen state governors refused Monday to accept Syrian refugees after the Paris terrorist attacks, politicians have quickly advanced to a new target: hip-hop group The Fugees.


Philadelphia Police Only Half Wanted To Stop And Frisk Zebras

“They half seemed like dangerous thugs who may have been concealing drugs and weapons. But they half seemed like good young kids that just made a mistake – you know, boys will be boys”

7 New Voting Restrictions That May Keep You From The Polls On Tuesday

…several restrictions quietly passed by former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and the Republican-controlled legislature in Pennsylvania during Corbett’s lame duck period may keep you from the polls.

Appalling! Sex Therapist Gives Out Halloween “Fleshlight” To Children

A woman from the Somerton section of Northeast Philadelphia has been getting heat from surrounding neighbors after distributing sex toys known as “Fleshlights” to local trick-or-treaters.

Mayor Nutter Declares October 17th a Holiday

Please note that The Philadelphia Pigeon’s Offices will be closed Monday, October 19th, as this year’s holiday fell on a Saturday.

Philadelphia to Debut Innovative Gun-Share Program

The program, dubbed Indegun because of an $8.5 million contribution from Independence Blue Cross, will allow carriers to use credit cards, cash, or member cards to rent guns 24 hours a day.