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The 5 Types of Fans That See Star Wars: The Force Awakens On Premiere Day

You’ll see a lot of these fans today!


Recap: 54th Annual Purge A Success

Women were more active in the killings than men, the 66% female vs. 34% male gender split continuing the trend from last year.

GOP Politicians: “While We’re At It, Ban The Fugees”

After more than a dozen state governors refused Monday to accept Syrian refugees after the Paris terrorist attacks, politicians have quickly advanced to a new target: hip-hop group The Fugees.

Top Ten Reasons To Live In Philly!

You won’t believe number 1!

Appalling! Sex Therapist Gives Out Halloween “Fleshlight” To Children

A woman from the Somerton section of Northeast Philadelphia has been getting heat from surrounding neighbors after distributing sex toys known as “Fleshlights” to local trick-or-treaters.

REVIEW: 5 Reasons Why Terror Behind The Walls Just Isn’t That Scary

Are you a horror guru looking for the next thrill this Halloween? Well if so, it won’t be at Terror Behind The Walls.