BREAKING: FBI Discovers Unusual Photos on San Bernardino Gunman’s iPhone

Federal officials said Monday that they have unlocked the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters and have ended the legal battle that would force Apple to help break into the device.

According to the court papers filed by the FBI last month, Farook disabled the phone’s iCloud backup function six weeks before the shootings, leaving federal investigators and Allah in the dark about his actions in the days and weeks before the attack.

Farook’s phone was protected by an auto-erase feature that would permanently destroy all the data on the phone after 10 consecutive incorrect password entry attempts. Luckily, an FBI official who also uses his birthday for his phone’s passcode considered that maybe the shooter did as well.

The breakthrough came over the weekend, when FBI agents successfully extracted the phone’s contents, a law enforcement official said during a call with reporters:

We are committed to helping our state and local partners gain lawful access to devices in appropriate cases.  It appears that the gunman’s birthday was used as the phone’s passcode.

We sought an order compelling Apple to help unlock the phone to fulfill a solemn commitment to the victims of the San Bernardino shooting – that we will not rest until we have fully pursued every investigative lead related to the vicious attack.  We are now considering all the men in Farook’s phone gallery as possible suspects in the planning, and will be working to identify each based on the photo evidence provided.

In a statement Monday evening, Apple commented:

This case should never have been brought.   The shooter deserves to have his privacy, and something like this will now harm his reputation.  We will continue to increase the security of our products as the threats and attacks on our very large and curved data become more frequent and more sophisticated.

Hank Wanks, one of the few men currently identified as being photoed in Farook’s gallery stated:

“Oh Farook?  Yeah I know him.  We met on