Budweiser Refutes Oscars Sponsorship Claims

By: Fritz Algard

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.40.44 PM

An official photo of 2016’s Academy Luncheon was published earlier this week featuring the nominees of this year’s Oscars.  Despite rumors, Budweiser claims they never paid to sponsor this year’s award show and that it was only coincidence so many Budweiser products were made available at the Academy’s Luncheon.  Not only did they supply an unlimited amount of the “Great American Lager, but other products relating to the brand including Budweiser slippers in the woman’s bathroom, a plastic USB flash drive with the logo, and a play pen of frogs who are associated as their mascot.

After the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl this past Sunday, Peyton Manning specifically mentioned “drink[ing] a lot of Budweiser” during an interview post game and again during the Super Bowl 50 trophy ceremony.  Budweiser made an official announcement shortly after stating that they did not pay Peyton Manning to mention their brand.  As they continue to refute claims regarding the Academy’s Luncheon, some are now speculating the company’s authenticity.