What $700 Gets You In Each Philadelphia Neighborhood!

Looking to rent in Philadelphia?  Property values fluctuate depending on which area you choose.  Check out what $700 can get you in each Philly neighborhood!

Manayunk (Northwest Philadelphia)


A nice studio close to all the bro bars you never knew you hated until moving there.  Your parents will be super proud that you didn’t pick another Philly neighborhood.  Manayunk is a safe enough distance from all the crime in North and South Philly.  Your only worry will be slipping on the vomit surfaced sidewalks as you trek back to your apartment at 2am on Sunday morning.

Kensington (Northeast Philadelphia)


A livable studio complete with water, trash pickup, and a gram of crack included in its amenities.  Most come with a landlord that is completely hands off throughout the entire length of your lease.

Queen Village (Center City Southeast)

queen village

A closet in the apartment of someone who doesn’t know you’ve been living there for the past four months.  Free utilities since the owner is completely unaware of your existence!

Point Breeze (Southwest Philadelphia)

point breeze

Point Breeze has been an up and coming neighborhood for the past 4 years.  Still being an up and coming neighborhood, you can get yourself a 2 bedroom row-home equipped with potential squatters and plenty of natural light.

Rittenhouse (Center City West)


A walled in, sky lit first floor home?