REPORT: Chip Kelly Made Eagles Long Snapper Dorenbos Reveal Magic Tricks

The peculiar stories seem to be surfacing by the hour in the aftermath of Chip Kelly’s release from the Philadelphia Eagles. In addition to thinly-veiled criticism from ownership and players, it has come to light that Kelly angered ownership by arguing over the timing of the team’s holiday party and threatened to bench wide receiver Jordan Matthews for celebrating catches.

Now, a source is revealing what might be the strangest Chip Kelly player interaction of all. The three-year NFL coach reportedly threatened to cut long-time Long Snapper Jon Dorenbos if he did not reveal to the coach the secrets behind his well-renowned magic tricks.

According to the source, Chip Kelly called the 12-year veteran into his office following his appearance on an August 2014 episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Kelly questioned the professional magician as to how he performed tricks that were featured on the show. When Dorenbos refused to reveal the secrets, Kelly’s tone quickly changed. He reportedly threatened to cut Dorenbos immediately until he had no choice but to reveal the secrets behind his most popular magic tricks.

Kelly reportedly said to Dorenbos, “I’m the guy in charge here. You keep secrets from me, you won’t be here long.”

For Dorenbos, a two-time Pro-Bowler, magic has been more than just a hobby. He has used it since his childhood as a means of escape after his mother, Kathy, was killed by his father Alan. He has performed in Las Vegas and Hollywood, and on numerous occasions for teammates.

Kelly was fired Tuesday night after a 38-24 loss to Washington eliminated his 6-9 team from playoff contention. The firing came with two years remaining on Kelly’s contract but after a sharp dropoff in team performance after two 10-6 seasons. He has yet to be reached for comment on the several stories that surfaced on Sunday.