GOP Politicians: “While We’re At It, Ban The Fugees”

By: Glen Jessie

After more than a dozen state governors refused Monday to accept Syrian refugees after the Paris terrorist attacks, politicians have quickly advanced to a new target: hip-hop group The Fugees. The Governors also called on President Obama to do the same.

“I will not stand by while federal policy puts Texas citizens in harm’s way,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in a letter to President Obama.

“The lyrics, often consumed by America’s youth, are explicit and glorify a thug lifestyle,” Abbott added.

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin released a statement saying: “I am calling upon the President to immediately suspend all sales of The Fugees debut album ‘The Score’ pending a full review of their lyrics.”

The Fugees were an American hip-hop group that formed in the early 1990s before disbanding in 1997. ‘The Score’, the group’s only album, was a multi-platinum effort that won the group a Grammy award. Critics argue that the group’s lyrics promote sin, crime, and promiscuity.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal went as far as to issue an executive order commanding that no Louisiana businesses may open their door to The Fugees.

“Nobody can guarantee that The Fugees will not put Louisiana citizens at risk, and as such, we will not open our door to them,” Jindal said in the order.

The Obama administration defended its course of action Monday, saying that The Fugees were one of the best hip hop groups of all time and it is more important now than ever to open our hearts and ears to their inspiring words.

“The Fugees are not perpetrators – they are victims, and they deserve our ears,” Obama remarked. “The group rapped in the hopes that someday they’d escape the very hood they were rapping about.”

It appears that whether the GOP are ready or not, The Fugees will be unable to “make them want [me]”.