Philadelphia Police Only Half Wanted To Stop And Frisk Zebras

Philadelphia Police were overwhelmed on Sunday when two Zebras that escaped from the circus only looked “half suspicious and dangerous.”

The zebras reportedly escaped from the UniverSoul Circus outside the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, leading confused police on a chase through the city.

“It was a unique situation. We weren’t quite sure how to handle it,” a Philadelphia Police Department Spokesperson said Monday.

“They half seemed like dangerous thugs who may have been concealing drugs and weapons. But they half seemed like good young kids that just made a mistake – you know, boys will be boys,” the spokesperson said.

The pair of responding officers reportedly disagreed on the need to stop the pair of zebras in the first place.

One officer reported that the zebras looked suspicious and quickened their pace when they saw the officers, also reaching towards the waist area.

The other officer figured that the zebras were productive members of society on their lunch break.

The PPD spokesperson reported that responding officers initially thought they saw the zebras exchange small objects for an unknown amount of currency. However, the officers continuously changed their mind, ultimately making no arrests.