Top Ten Reasons To Live In Philly!

10. The Underground Railroad

underground railroad

It might surprise you that the Underground Railroad still operates as the main method of transportation in Philadelphia.  In the 19th century, the city was one of the main stops when transporting slaves to the free north.  Because of its efficiency, the railroad was adapted as the city’s leading method of transportation with its hub being located at Xfinity Live.  It has been rumored that you can hear the cries of slaves in transit, but this myth has been debunked by several reports of homeless wanderers looking for a place to sleep.

9. The Rainforests


When one thinks of an exotic rainforest, the first picture that comes to mind is the one above.  Taken in Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Rainforest, this particular waterfall is called “Devil’s Pool”, a popular getaway for Philadelphians who can’t afford a beach trip or a swim club membership.  It sometimes smells like trash but sources say, “you just get used to it”.

8. Vacation home to Pope Francis

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - APRIL 17: Pope Francis waves to the faithful as he leaves St. Peter's square at the end of his weekly audience on April 17, 2013 in Vatican City, Vatican. (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

Millions of Christians flocked to Philadelphia this past September in hopes of catching a glimpse of His Holiness.  But just as Wildwood is the vacation home of Philadelphians, Philadelphia is Pope Francis’ go-to when he needs to get away from the many pressures of Vatican City.

7. Capital of North America

north america

Philadelphia was one of the nation’s capitals in the Revolutionary War, and served as temporary U.S. capital while Washington, D.C., was under construction.  But what you may not realize is that Philadelphia is the capital of North America.  In 1945, the United Nations had a secret meeting that was held only one week after being newly formed.  Philadelphia was declared the continent’s capital after all members of the United Nations voted in favor of the decision.

6. Set of Avatar 3


Avatar 3 is set to release in 2018.  Although most of the filming details have been kept under wraps, one thing we know for sure is that Philadelphia will be transformed into the magical moon Pandora.  The screenwriters and director made the executive decision after visiting Philadelphia’s Wissahickon rainforest in Northwest Philadelphia.  

5. BYOB policy in restaurants


Philly is notorious for it’s bring your own bread policy.  We know how much Philadelphians can be sticklers about what type of bread is the best.  Now restaurants have been leaving it up to their guests to bring it themselves!

4. The sweet, sweet fluoride in the water will make you never want to leave

tap water

For your health, the Philadelphia Water Department began adding fluoride to the water supply system as a service to the Philadelphia Health Department.  Many public health agencies, but not all (because it is not fact yet), endorse adding fluoride to the water as an effective method of preventing tooth decay in communities where natural fluoride levels are low.  What is fluoride you may ask?  It’s the chemical that gives water its flavor.

3. Benjamin Franklin


Is there any other city in this nation where you can see one of the founding fathers of this country while you’re out for your morning jog? The answer is no! But if you wake up early enough, you just may get to witness Benjamin Franklin – who lived by the principle that “early to bed and early to rise will make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” – heading to Federal Donuts for his breakfast. Franklin, at 309 years old, has never left his studio apartment in Old City. He’s often sighted at Philadelphia Flyers games, Delilah’s Gentleman’s Club, and Sweat Fitness in the Rittenhouse Area. He still has a reputation as a friendly man, and will usually sign your replica constitutions and hold your selfie sticks!

2. Hunting


With over 100,000 acres of nearly uncharted wilderness, the City of Philadelphia remains the hunting capital of the world for big game hunters. Avid hunters travel from all over the world to pursue grizzly bears, black bears, brown bears, moose, elk, and hundreds of species of smaller game. The City still closes all of its public schools on the first day of hunting season so that families can partake in their longstanding traditions. A recent poll revealed that over 95% of Philadelphia families hunt on a regular basis, and own a rifle specifically for that purpose. Never been to Philadelphia? Show up in the fall with your guns and reflective orange gear and take to the miles and miles of woods and trails that await!

1. Sports Championships


Frustrated with your sports teams?  A move to Philadelphia may be just what you need. Our teams have won so many championships in recent years that we are not even going to try and count. Whether it be the Philadelphia Flyers, Sixers, Eagles, Phillies, Soul, Union, Little League World Series Squad, or racehorse Smarty Jones, Philadelphia is just made of winners. Philadelphia fans just kick back, sip on a nice margarita, and let the wins come flowing in. It is the most low stress sports city in the nation. A qualitative survey of Philadelphia sports fans leaving this year’s Eagles Cowboys football game even revealed that not a single Philadelphia sports fan was, or ever has been, mad about sports.