Review: Pat’s New Pumpkin Spice Cheesesteak

By: Fritz Algard

As the seasonal pumpkin spice flavored coffees and desserts pop up on menus across the country, this popular and temporary flavor is becoming a basic must-have for all consumers looking to get a taste of Autumn.  

Pat’s King of Steaks, is now giving their neighbor and cheesesteak competitor, Geno’s, a run for their money by introducing the Pumpkin Pat, a delicious new cheesesteak local customers have been falling in love with.  Just see for yourself the amount of social media buzz it’s been generating.



This unique sandwich is made by pouring thinly sliced steak into a large bucket of artificial pumpkin flavoring.  After the 3-day marinating process, the steak is removed and lightly sprinkled with Pumpkin seeds to ensure quality flavor.  This new special gives customers the option to add cinnamon or to top it off with a vanilla flavored whipped cream.  But it doesn’t stop there!  Pat’s is now offering a side of sweet potato fries smothered in caramel to go with this new Fall favorite.

I decided to take it upon myself to go see what the Pumpkin Pat was all about.  

Upon arrival, I noticed a huge line crowded with college-aged females sporting North Face jackets with an L.L. Bean boot.  I grabbed my spot in the queue eager to get my Pumpkin Pat.  

A group of girls in front of me began to explain the method to ordering.  “A Pumpkin Pat is like the standard type, but there’s just like so much more than that,” Samantha Hendricks, a Public Relations Major at Drexel University explained.  “There are a lot of add-ons, such as nutmeg, or cinnamon, but the one thing you need to know is whether you want whipped cream or not.  It’s kind of like the Philly wit or witout policy with cheese.  If you’re going to add that extra plump deliciousness than you have to remember to get the ‘Plumpkin Pat’.  It’ll be embarrassing and kind of touristy if you don’t…just saying.”  Thanks to Samantha and co. I ordered my first Plumpkin.

It was not exactly what I expected.  Definitely smelled interesting at first, but I trusted everyone’s ratings on Plumpkins and dug right in.  Finishing off the last bite with a lick of the whipped cream, it was certainly a mess to clean up, but totally worth trying…at least once.

The Plumpkin Pat: 4 out of 5 stars