Mayor Nutter Declares October 17th a Holiday

By: Fritz Algard

Sunday – October 18th, Mayor Nutter announced that October 17th would be recognized as a holiday in the city of Philadelphia.  The following is a statement Mayor Nutter released this morning:

“In our great city, we find that it is important to recognize what needs to be fixed but to also acknowledge our strengths and our achievements that make Philadelphia the city we know and love.  It has come to my attention that yesterday, October 17th, was the first Saturday since March 6th, 1779 that not one crime had been reported on South Street between Front and Broad Streets.  Because of this accomplishment, I have decided that on October 17th of every year, we will honor this great feat by veering away from crime on this one day in that particular section of Philadelphia.  We hope that all Philadelphia residents will honor this request for at least one day out of the year.  I hereby declare this day as the “South Street, No Crime, One Time Day” as we make strides to uphold our motto and constant goal as being the City of Brotherly Love.”

Please note that The Philadelphia Pigeon’s Offices will be closed Monday, October 19th, as this year’s holiday fell on a Saturday.