Elderly Tourist And Thousands Of Followers Involuntarily Committed To Mental Health Institutions Following Delusional Ceremony

By: Glen Jessie

An elderly Vatican City man and thousands of his followers have been involuntarily committed to local mental health institutions following a delusional outburst that drew a crowd of millions.

Authorities say that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 78, was involuntarily committed to Norristown State Hospital under Pennsylvania’s Mental Health Procedures Act late Sunday evening.

Along with Bergoglio, thousands of his loyal followers were committed to various mental health facilities in the greater-Philadelphia area.

“Given the extent of the deliriums at play, we correctly deemed that many of the visitors were in need of serious and immediate treatment, and presented a danger to themselves and the surrounding community,” said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

“The Mental Health Code gives us the authority to step in and make commitments when the situation calls for it, and that was unfortunately the case here,” he said.

The commitment was prompted by a nearly-one-hour tirade in which Bergoglio claimed to be chosen by a supreme being as the mouthpiece for a religion.

Many of the more seriously-ill followers were moved to tears during the address, and sported various gear such as shirts and pictures of Bergoglio.

Onlookers said that the speech included delusional tales of virgin births, water turning into wine, grown men walking on water, multiple resurrections from the dead, and bread falling daily from the heavens for 40 years.

“I stopped by to listen in when I saw the large crowd,” said Bob Wolfgang, a passerby who heard the speech.

“He was talking about this man rising from the dead and returning to judge everybody, and everybody listening was captivated. It was just horrifying. Absolutely horrifying,” Wolfgang said.

By the conclusion of the address over one million concerned calls had been placed to local authorities, who examined the scene and made thousands of involuntary commitments to Mental Institutions.

“The network of mental health facilities in this city deserves a lot of credit,” Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said.

“This crisis was so sudden and severe in nature, and they really rose to the occasion,” he said.

Ramsey stated that all local Philadelphia mental health treatment centers, including Norristown State Hospital, Einstein Mental and Behavioral Health Center, Fairmount Behavioral Health Center and Friends Hospital, are completely full.

A spokesman for Bergoglio asked supporters to pray to a higher being for Bergoglio’s health and speedy recovery. The spokesman was involuntarily committed to Friends Hospital after his delusional request.