Mayor Nutter And Pope Francis Spotted At Local Gay Club


By: Fritz Algard


Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter was reportedly spotted giving sexual gratifications to Pope Francis at a gay bar Thursday, according to several eyewitnesses.

The witnesses reported that Nutter was seen “giving a handy” to the Pope at popular Philadelphia Gay Club ICandy, a business known for its lively nightlife experience.

The reports are giving rise to speculation that the two have been conducting ongoing affair that has managed to stay out of the public eye until now.

Eyewitness Jessica Knowles said, “We knew there had to be more to the story after the city began completely shutting down for the Pope’s arrival.”

Many are theorizing that the restrictions Nutter has placed on visitors’ access to the city have been motivated by a desire to keep the relationship a secret to the public. Many areas of the city close in location to Mayor Nutter’s office are restricted, or completely closed.

A source inside the Mayor’s office confirmed that he spoke to Alan Cummings, manager of the largely gay “12th Street Gym”, about allowing a closed-door private “workout session” for himself and Pope Francis. The gym obliged, and the session occurred yesterday afternoon.

These recent findings would certainly explain the Papal itinerary that was leaked a few days ago by the Mayor’s office, which has been regarded as a massive inconvenience to courts, government agencies, businesses, and local residents. (link here

“It now appears that Pope Francis’ schedule was released to the public as a ploy to distract visitors from his true intentions,” stated Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

“Looks like the Pope had planned to bowl down a different alley,” he concluded.