Restaurant Review: Sabrina’s Cafe

By: Fritz Algard

Sabrina’s has been rated as one of the best brunch spots in Philadelphia time and time again.  Located around the corner from the Italian market, this delicious eatery provides a range of options whether you prefer the more conventional eggs and toast route or an elaborate mountain of French toast drizzled in a homemade strawberry sauce made fresh daily.

Upon arrival, I made the mistake of walking directly into their dining hall (oops!).  Please note that when asking for a table, the host or hostess can be found at a separate entrance next door.  After putting in my name, I took a seat on one of the available church pews Sabrina’s bought from St. Paul’s Catholic Church’s garage sale.  Points for being thrifty!  My name was finally called after 2 hours which was just enough time to work up a hearty appetite.

I sat down at my table and after putting in my coffee order, I began to peruse the menu options.  Sabrina’s is known for updating their specials relevant to Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and other fun associations with the “City of Brotherly Love”.  For example, their Bella Vista Omelet is what other diners and specialty breakfast establishments would normally refer to as the build your own option.

What I was not aware of prior to my visit was the breakfast specials offered that used a play on words to describe dishes named after famous celebrities who hail from Philadelphia.  

The first was “The Kevin Hart Attack” – a short stack (actual size) of pancakes with a little added mystery spice.

The second option on the specials menu was called “Footloose”, which was undoubtedly served with what Sabrina’s cleverly referred to as “Kevin” bacon.  The main dish featured a baby eagle (in honor of the city’s football team) smothered in a sweet honey syrup with his foot slightly severed at the corner.  While this one may seem controversial, an asterisk located in the description diverted my attention to the bottom of the menu explaining that “no birds were harmed while alive during preparation of this dish”.

Extra points for being risky with the special that had the most shock value, “The Big Cosby” – one jumbo sausage, a tangy hot sauce and mayo signature combo dip, paired with a whole lot of Philadelphia’s favorite side dish, scrapple.  

I decided to go with the Cosby special due to my insatiable love for meat.  Sabrina’s gets my vote for best brunch spot.

Sabrina’s Cafe – 5 out of 5 stars