It’s A Hit! Broad Street Wawa’s Opening Weekend Smashes Retail Theft Records

By Glen Jessie

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 6.50.34 PM

It was good news across the board for Wawa on Sunday after it was announced that the store’s new flagship location on Broad Street shattered opening-weekend retail theft records.

The newly constructed store, which opened two months early to a line of customers stretching across the block, had nearly four-hundred confirmed instances of retail theft.

“We’re ecstatic. We have never seen numbers like this before,” said Wawa Director of Operations David Simonetti.

The 391 instances of retail theft, which led to over one hundred arrests, included theft of hoagies, stuffed pretzels, mozzarella sticks, and all new spinach and artichoke bites.

“We were out of stuffed pretzels, hotdogs, and all of our cold medicines before we even sold a single one,” he added.

The store also includes in-door bar seating along the windows, a first for Wawa.

“The hope for the seating is that people will eat the food they steal in-house. It’ll make it easier to detect,” Simonetti said.

Local residents are quickly taking a liking to the store’s conveniences. Recidivist thief Kyle Whitney said that the store has already changed the Center City Philadelphia retail theft landscape.

“It’s huge. Filled with customers. Right in the commotion of Center City. It’s just perfect,” Whitney said.

Whitney was arrested at 8:03 a.m. on Friday at the Wawa’s Grand Opening for retail theft and four bench warrants for missed court dates.

The store was also the site of three arrests for assault when local residents vied to become the new regular door-holder/beggar for the Broad and Walnut Street location.

“Numbers don’t lie. This store was very much in demand,” Simonetti said.