Local Gentleman’s Bar Apologizes For ‘Tasteless’ Pope Advertisements



Philadelphia adult entertainment club Delilah’s has apologized after coming under fire for some racy new advertisements featuring Pope Francis.

The advertisements, which come one week ahead of the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia, were “tasteless” and “regrettable”, a spokesman for Delilah’s said Friday.

“We understand how the advertisements were offensive to many, and we apologize to anybody who felt offended or alienated,” the spokesman said.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia released a statement Wednesday condemning the advertisements and calling for their removal.

“Delilah’s and its customers are free to live as they please, but it is despicable that they insist on doing so at the expense of our church and its highest Bishop,” the statement read.

One advertisement, which was posted on a billboard alongside North Front Street in Philadelphia Monday, was removed Thursday evening.

Another is displayed outside of Delilah’s Spring Garden Street location, and “will be taken down Friday”, according to the club.


Despite backlash from the advertisements, Delilah’s is not concerned.

“We’re not losing many of our customers by angering the church,” the spokesman said.