Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams Got Really Drunk And Live Tweeted Aladdin. Weird!

By: Glen Jessie

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has a difficult job, and nobody doubts that. But judging by a series of drunken tweets from this weekend, it looks like the stresses of prosecuting all of the crime in the city may have finally gotten to him.

The tweets, now-deleted, began with a glass (or three) of wineTweet 1Before too long, Williams got to channel surfing, talking himself into watching the Disney classic Aladdin:

Tweet 2

Tweet 3

After that, Williams was off to the races!

Tweet 5

Tweet 6

Tweet 7

Besides his apparent affinity for a good loaf of bread, we also learned that Williams enjoys Princess Jasmine when she’s clothed in red:

Tweet 8

But, his focused returned to bread before too long:

Tweet 9

It hits us all hard when Aladdin tells the Genie that he is finally freed from his lamp. But it looks like it hit Seth Williams just a tad bit harder than most:
Tweet 10 Tweet 11

Tweet 12

We hope that Seth finally got his bread.